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Between the Wines Media Productions, led by the vino-enthusiast Pierre Ferland, offers a unique spin on wine discovery through our Read Between the Wines podcast. Focused on the narratives behind the winemakers rather than wine scoring, we serve as a marketing avenue for wineries, reaching audiences across 27 countries with over a million episodes streamed.

Additionally, we're the esteemed Canadian partner and distributor of De Long Wine & Charts, established by Deborah and Steve De Long in 2002. Merging Deborah's textile design background with Steve's architectural expertise, they've crafted a line of meticulously researched wine maps and educational materials treasured by industry professionals and wine lovers globally.

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Join our host, Pierre Ferland, as he chats with winemakers from around the world. 'Read Between the Wines' brings you the personal stories behind iconic wines. Tune in and connect with the heart of winemaking in our globally-loved podcast series.

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